What is Health Insurance Deductible

What is Health Insurance Deductible?

Some people are still in the dungeon of confusion when it comes to a health insurance deductible. They still need to be clarified on this issue, before they start reaping from their insurance. There’s no way a deductible won’t be involved when it has to do with health insurance with any insurer. There is a general rule that goes along with deductible which is the higher the premium, the lower the deductible. A high monthly or yearly premium arrives as a result of the insured person demanding for more insurance benefits.

What is Health Insurance Deductible?

This is a certain amount an insured person pays for health insurance coverage before reaping benefits from their insurance plan. It is a kind of out-of-pocket payment for health care specialists that falls within the insurance coverage of the insured person before his or her plan starts paying to resolve some unwanted expenses. In most cases, when the insured person can make payment for his or her deductible. On the other hand, the insurer will pay the insured person all the value of his or her claim as agreed.

Many people are familiar with deductibles when it has to do with other forms of insurance such as mortgage, life, car, travel, etc. In the aspect of deductibles relating to health insurance, people get lost and become confused. It is no doubt that there are complications in health insurance deductible, but its deductibles are still the same as any other deductibles in other forms of research. For more clarification on health insurance deductible, there is a need to know the different kinds of deductibles.

Types of Health Insurance Deductible

Generally, we have three recognized types of health insurance deductibles. All these deductibles have the way they operate on different insurance coverages.

  • Comprehensive deductible
  • Non-comprehensive deductible
  • Cumulative deductible
Comprehensive Deductible:

This is the simplest for any insured person to comprehend in a health insurance deductible from an insurer. There is no kind of insurance policy in which a comprehensive deductible will not be applied. In this deductible, the sum is being added up until the insured person has been able to pay his or her deductible. We have different deductibles for different coverage. 

Non-Comprehensive Deductible:

This type of deductible is a condition that is common in various insurance policies with many benefits. A non-comprehensive deductible only relates to specified health insurance coverage or medical treatment expenditures that have to do with health insurance plans. For instance, there is some insurance coverage without deductibles, while some are likely to have. There are other cases that the medical expenditures are required for the deductible to be paid before the benefits start paying. 

Cumulative Deductible:

This is a deductible that comes by having family health insurance coverage through your aid or spouse, and this can be individual or family deductibles. The former focuses on the value that flows along with the deductible and every individual has to pay theirs. While for a family deductible, all the individuals have to pay the bills collectively.

How does Health Insurance Deductible work?

Health insurance deductible that high goes with a high deductible. The amount an insured person pays for health insurance deductible is still the same thing they pay for health insurance premiums. When someone buys insurance coverage, they have to pay a monthly premium for the insurance policy to the insurer. For instance, if the deductible in health insurance is $4,000, the insured person has to pay the right medical expenses until they have reached the exact amount for his or her deductible ($4,000). 

Furthermore, the insurer will start paying for all the necessary services used by the insured person. Someone who has an individual deductible coverage might be asked to pay one deductible for his or her health care expenditures. While those with family coverage, might pay individual deductibles for everyone inside the insurance coverage, and also the payment of a family deductible. Health insurance uses these deductibles to cut down every form of risk which will weigh the company down financially. 

Importance of Health Insurance Deductible

This deductible has its benefits for the insured person who wants health insurance, and here they are:

  1. The insurance firm uses deductible to protect their company from policyholders who buy small health insurance coverage.
  2. It helps the insured person on how to plan before their insurance plan starts paying off.
  3. It offers relatively high medical coverage for severe problems such as long time illness, frequent medical checkup, chronic diseases, etc.

Key Things to Consider in Health Insurance Deductibles

The following are important to be considered, and the insured person must:

  1. Go through his or her budget to be certain of what he or she can pay every year as medical expenses.
  2. Make sure he or she can afford the following payment such as deductible, copayments, and coinsurance which might be required.
  3. Be eager to know the medical services which are related to the deductible.
  4. Know the health services in the health insurance coverage to be covered before the deductible. 

High Deductible against Low Deductible Health Insurance Plan

When it comes to health insurance deductible, there are mainly two types which are:

  • High deductible health plans
  • Low deductible health plans
High Deductible Health Plans:

This means a high percentage of the initial health costs lie in the hands of the insured person, and the benefits do come in low monthly premiums. This plan is one of the conditions to be eligible to open a health savings account. This is an account for saving pre-tax payment for expenses, which will be incurred through medical treatment. It also involves preventive health care screening services such as HIV, cholesterol, alcohol, STI, etc.

Low Deductible Health Plans:

This is good for family or someone who needs to go for a regular medical checkup by visiting hospitals, health care specialists, and medical doctors. One of the benefits of this deductible plan is a low payment with a high monthly or annual premium. It is advisable for one or an insured person who wants a low monthly premium should go for high deductible health insurance deductible plans.                  


It is obvious that no matter the type of health insurance plan one is going for; there are deductibles to be paid before the insurance coverage starts paying. Every insured person must have this in mind, and be fully prepared for this payment (deductibles) to avoid being caught unawares.            

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