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Top 5 Disability Insurance Companies

One of the most misunderstood insurance policies we have out there is disability insurance. Therefore, so many people who need this type of insurance do not have it. For instance, if an accident, illness or injury occurs at work, worker’s compensation could help for the loss of a paycheck. The big question is what happens if you injure at home or when you were not at work? This is where disability insurance comes in.

For example, while you are playing lawn tennis on a weekend, you fell and broke your ankle. Unfortunately, you end up staying away from work for several months. Your worker’s compensation is not going to assist because you didn’t get the injury at your place of work. When you have a disability insurance plan, it helps in replacing your lost wages. 

The Best Type of Disability Insurance Policy

A survey in America disclosed that one-third of the U.S. have a disability insurance plan in their company, which is challenging because this kind of insurance can offer serious financial assistance in hard times. If you are in a position where you need disability insurance, the main place you have to begin is finding the right type of insurance plan you need.

As you carry out your search in comparing insurance firms, you do not have to focus on the rate in which they offer their insurance plans, but also their monetary standing. Some of these insurance companies on this list also offer short term disability insurance, but the objective of this list is to render you with the top 5 disability insurance companies that we have out there.

A further role on this our list is everybody is so different, this connotes that everyone has different needs. One insurance company may be comfortable for one applicant, but it won’t go well for another person. You have to carry out a thorough search on the one that will fit your needs. 

Many factors have also contributed while all these insurance companies are our top 5 disability insurance companies, and they can be seen based on their options, price package, financial standing, customer service, and history of the company. Disability insurance helps you to provide for yourself and also your family.

Top 5 Disability Insurance Companies

Disability insurance has several names to different people and it is also known as disability income. This insurance starts when you have an accident, injury, maternity leave, or sickness that impedes you from working. Numerous insurance companies offer disability insurance with their price standards, policies, and flexibility.

1. Policygenius

This insurance company has incredibility already when it comes to disability insurance. They leverage with the help of online search tools with experienced experts to help their clients source the most excellent health, life, and long term disability insurance policies. 

This company is based in New York, USA. They have an insurance structure that allows their clients to have free customized insurance quotes from the top disability insurance companies. They have an awesome reputation and exceptional customer service.

Features of Policygenius Insurance Company:

  • Rated on Trust Pilot with an accumulated score of 9.8.
  • It assists in online applications that can take within five minutes.
  • Offers top insurance quotes from the best insurance firms.
  • Has several benefit alternatives for different budgets.


It is one of the best insurance firms to source for different benefit quotes in a simple and fast way, because of their excellent customer service.

2. Standard Disability Insurance

It is part of the reliable insurance firm that is available. It offers both short and long term disability insurance for thousands of people in the U.S. Standard disability insurance has more than three thousand workers and twenty-five thousand active insurance policies.


  • Detailed group and individual policies, both short and long term.
  • Both complete and partial disability plans.
  • Accident and chronic illness disability insurance.     
  • Awesome features and riders are available for nearly all insurance plans.


This firm has awesome features with a decent payout reputation. The company was founded in 1906. This has made the company one of the firms that offer reliable disability insurance.

3. The Guardian

This insurance firm has several choices clients can pick from which includes:

  • Individual Disability Insurance.
  • Whole life insurance.
  • Small Business Cover.
  • Investment Products.
  • Universal Life Insurance.
  • Annuities.

The firm is outstanding with its flexible insurance plans. It was established in 1860, and it is part of the most powerful mutual insurance we have in the U.S. It is among the few companies that have no controversies, with good customer service history for their non-cancellation and customizable insurance plans.


  • It offers 40 – 60% after-tax basic salary.
  • Inclusion of student loans and retirement repayments.
  • A flexible policy with premium benefits alongside optional riders.


They have flexible disability insurance that is available for all business owners and individuals. It has good incredibility and also an excellent customer service history.

4. American Fidelity

This insurance firm is based in Oklahoma; American Fidelity Assurance provides supplemental plans and financial services. Established in the year 1960. It has more than 1600 employees working hand-to-hand to provide customers with amazing services. The firm provides both short and long term disability insurance to their clients.


  • Offers to file online claims.
  • A customized policy with different eliminations and premium benefits periods.
  • Covers both full and partial insurance disability.
  • Provided a premium benefits waiver.


This is a top insurance firm with distinguished customer support service and also an active claim filing system. This is a family-owned company with a highly ranked incredibility by reviewers and other customers. It has a record of providing financial obligations.

5. Ameritas

This insurance firm is based in Nebraska and was founded in 1887. It is a firm known for its reputation with varieties of insurance services such as vision, dental, and hearing disability insurance for different types of individuals and companies.


  • It offers only disability income or supplemental disability insurance.
  • Any medical examination or income documentation is not needed.
  • Insurance plans are guaranteed renewal for all levels of premium benefits.
  • Gender-neutral options discounted insurance policies are being applied.
  • Their premium benefits are estimated from a significant percentage of the insured’s manual functions.


This insurance company has a straightforward supplemental income plan that is quite affordable and understanding. They have standard insurance plans which provide exemplary unisex discounts, without going in search of a medical examination.           

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