Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): How it Works?

Social Security Disability Insurance can also be called SSDI. It is a program that is capable of paying monthly premium benefits to employees if they become physically disabled before their retirement age. This topic will not be understood if there is no definition.

Definition of Social Security Disability Insurance

This can be defined as disability insurance that offers monthly benefits to employees who are not capable of working due to illness, accident, injury, and others that will stay for one year or leads to death within a year. This is among the social security that can pay retirement benefits to aged people.

These benefits depend on the impaired worker’s past monthly income or yearly income, and they are being paid to the disabled worker and to members of his family. For one to be able to get this benefit, such a one must have worked in Social Security jobs. This type of disability insurance is being controlled by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Administration provides income supplements to employers who are disabled. It can be provided in two ways such as a temporary and permanent basis. Many people confuse these two – Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance.

The good thing behind this is DI does not rely on the income of the disabled person. Any disabled person that is legitimate and no matter how low the income level can get Social Security Disability. We have other informal names for social security disability Insurance such as Title II benefits, and Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB).

Major Facts on SSDI and SSI for Disabled Workers

In American, for one among every six working-class people, 29.5 million people have some forms of disability. This has made them experience financial difficulties compared to those without any disabilities. Several disabled individuals are capable of working, In spite of the fact they encounter challenges seeking for jobs to people without any disabilities.

Most people with intense and long-term disabilities either have no or they are merely limited to work and are still susceptible to financial hardship. Another statistics have shown that approximately 12 million people living with disabilities – Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance are two major components of any nation’s Social Security system.

How to Check Social Security Disability Application Status?

We have basically two ways you can use to check the status of Social Security Disability application, and here they are:

     1. Website:

This can be done by checking the application status on the website of Social Security Disability. This process can take you up to a minute for you to find the actual file. One thing you must know is the fastest and simplest method to verify your application status. This can be achieved by generating an online account of social security within a short time.

     2. Phone Contact or via a representative:

You can decide to connect with them via your mobile phone and speak with their customer care agents. They will tell you when your application has been sent to a local disability representative that is close to you. Since they are the ones processing your application having a phone conversation with one of their agents will offer you detailed information concerning your application status.

This application takes adequate time for it to be processed. It is important to know it has to pass through several screening processes before any decision on the disability claim can be made or carried out. This is what you are going to do when you want to check the status of your social security application:

  • You must submit your disability claim.
  • The disability claim is being processed and accessed in a local office.
  • Your medicals and other relevant records relating to your claim are gathered.

All these procedures are going to be done within a month.

Important Documents for any Application Status

The following is a list of important documents that you are going to use for checking application status either through website or phone:

  • Full name.
  • House Address.
  • Email address (This is needed whey applying online).
  • A mobile phone number for Social Security Agent to contact you.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability

For one to qualify for this Social Security Disability Insurance program, such a person must have been inactive service for some number of years where they pay Social Security taxes. There is another option for those who have not been in active service and wants to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For this to occur, the individual must have gotten a specific number of work credits.

Approval for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

After you have been approved for this benefit, SSDI benefits won’t be given to you unless you have stayed away from work for a complete five months. This is based on the fact that SSDI has a period of five months of the waiting period. If your application status is being approved immediately, you need to wait for a period of five months before you begin your check.

On the other hand, it is more possible that an application status would not be approved for about six months to twelve months. In a situation, when your application gets approved, you will be given a disability back pay which is going to start from the sixth month after the commencement of your disability. After your back pay payment has been paid, you will be given a disability benefit cheque for each of the months. If the income of your household is more than a certain amount, then you must pay taxes on disability benefits.

Medical Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance

For this to be granted there must be a medical condition that has to suit the Social Security Agent’s definition of disability. This benefit relies on those individuals with long-term, chronic, or total disabilities. All these are what they will have to consider before you can consider yourself eligible.


It is advisable to apply for any social security disability benefits when you become physically disabled. Although the application process can be within three to five months, this shouldn’t be an impediment for you based on what you are going to gain.

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