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Ohio National : All You Need to Know

Ohio National is among the top disability insurance companies available in the U.S. This firm has its product offerings, company’s ratings, and recommendations for their clients. For several years, they have helped offer disability insurance. established in 1909. Initially a stock firm before it was converted to a mutual insurance firm 50 years later.

Just before it got to a new millennium, the whole firm reorganized and later became a joint insurance holding firm. Having this in mind, it has been helping its policyholders for more than ten years and they remain, to this day, one of the most recognized and highly rated insurance firms.

They have their life slogan ‘life changes, we’ll be there’. This firm has promised customers by showing their commitments for over numerous years. Moreover, they are expanding gradually to other parts of the globe to ensure they offer premium services.

The company offers coverage for different ages ranging from 18 – 70; and it is both non-cancellable and can also be renewed. They also provide a hospice care benefit in the process. The elimination process can be waived if you are still getting hospice benefits. These benefits have enabled them to stand the test of time and still make a name in the insurance world.     

Its yearly renewable disability income rider allows you to buy any insurance policy with a reduced initial premium that can increase through age 55. The physical insurance income also gives you an avenue to increase your insurance coverage yearly, up to age 69. If you like, you can opt for an-own occupation rider that will redeem your benefits if you are incapable to work in your workplace.

Ohio National Life Insurance Ratings

This firm has some good ratings for its clients. The company is financially capable and this can be shown in their ratings:

  • A.M. rating: A+ (2nd out of 16).

  • S&P rating: A+ (5th out of 16).

  • Moody’s rating: A1 (5th out of 21).

  • Fitch rating: N/A.

  • Comdex rating: (89th out of 100).

Customer Service of Ohio National

This company has a decent reputation, and you can feel free to contact them anytime you like. This is one of the things you have to note when you are looking for an insurance firm. Ohio National be easily seen online for anyone who wants to reach them for the first time; they have all key information on their website address such as phone numbers, email addresses, and post office boxes for each type of service they provide. As technology advances, they have kept on improving, it is imperative to know that other insurance firms need to be available and Ohio has been doing well here.

Furthermore, they have their contact info for claims of annuity and also disability and life insurance. Having this in mind, customers can be rest assured based on the knowledge that these premium benefits are going to be available for their disposal whenever they want it. 

Additional Reviews from the Better Business Bureau

For several years, BBB has been gaining access to different businesses and how they can give the audience to their customers’ complaints in addition to their performance in numerous customer-based scenarios. In the year 1938, the BBB has been giving credits to Ohio National and they have an A+ rating on a rating scale that has the possibility of going to ‘F’ rating.

Since in the year 1938, this insurance firm has been able to keep up with the standard and this includes an amazing effort to solve any crisis that may come up over time. Apart from this, it has also managed to maintain a large percentage of this custom as a key result. Without regarding what their fellow competitors are doing in this fluctuating market. They have paid attention to their business, and it has come out too good for them with great results.

Products and Services provided by Ohio National 

Ohio National is being known for their life insurance plans. Apart from being known for their value, they have different amounts for their insurance products and services which give them the ability to pattern their services to different individuals. 

Furthermore, they have a different annuity option which includes fixed, fixed-indexed and variable services. One of the advantages of choosing this insurance company is that all your policies can be under one roof or coverage.

All these services protect all your assets and offer income stream revenue when you retire with stable finance. Aside from catering from individuals, they can also cater to group plans and this is good news for numerous businesses because it implies that they can arrange a big policy for your entire employees. They can also help in solving business solutions and securities.

Ohio National Life Insurance

This insurance company has a firm product line and provides four types of life insurance products: 

  • Whole Life.

  • Universal Life.

  • Term Life.

  • Variable Universal Life.

Advice from Ohio National

When you want to decide as regards to disability insurance, it can be so hard because you have to find an insurance firm you can rely on with your policies and money. However, since Ohio is involved they can give you the premium services you desire to get. With several years of experience they have, they know the right thing they have to do and what you need to avoid.

Besides this, their rating is affordable when compared to other insurance companies. Presently, it is difficult to get these amazing ratings and some firms are still struggling to get to the top. Ohio is among the group of elite insurers.           


It is clear to us that all prospective customers should not be in a haste to buy insurance plans or policies. Rather they should think of the pros and cons before they contact any insurance company. Although, it looks as if the positive benefits outweigh the negative but each individual is different so be sure to gather your key information before you buy any policy.     

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