How to Get Health Insurance Plan

How to Get Health Insurance Plan

Have you heard about people saying, health is wealth? This is right because you need to be mentally sound, so to function properly, because it is only a sound mind that can think well. Health insurance plan is necessary to have among employees who are working with a particular organization. Some employers get this kind of insurance for their employees and also helping them to make the premium payment. This insurance helps an insured person during trying times, such as illness, diseases, stroke, and other health problems.        

Health insurance comes in different options for several people, such as self-employed, unemployed, and low-income earners. The purpose of this is to make it affordable for every individual irrespective of their income or wages. Different people who fall into these different categories of health insurance do find one to fit their needs. For an insured person, choosing health insurance can be frustrating if they don’t know the necessary conditions before they go for any health insurance.

Things to Know Before Selecting Health Insurance Coverage

There are three basic things that one has to know to reduce the stress of purchasing a health insurance plan, and here they are:

  • Four metal categories
  • The total cost of health insurance
  • Different plans and types of network

1. Four Metal Categories:

In health insurance coverage, there are four plans or coverages for any insured person who has an interest in buying the health insurance plan. The various health plans under the metal categories are Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Bronze. For an insured person to have this in mind makes it possible for the cost to be shared between the person and the health insurance plan. It should be noted the plan is not related to the quality of the care.

2. The Total Cost of Health Insurance:

All insured persons must pay a premium, a monthly payment that is being made to the insurer (insurance company). The fee is mandatory or compulsory for anyone who is under any health insurance coverage. The insurer is expecting to see his or her payment at the end of the month based on the terms and conditions agreed upon. Either an individual makes use of the insurance plan or not, will still pay a premium to the insurer including the deductible.

3. Different Plans and Types of Work:

We have four major types of health insurance, and all of them have their restrictions together with advantages/disadvantages. This implies an individual can be in a plan, and still won’t be allowed to make use of doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other health-related services because of the plan restriction or limitation.

Reasons to get Health Insurance Coverage

As an individual who is working with a company, and who has plans to be stable financially in the nearest future. Health insurance shouldn’t be something to be ignored at all, because in the long run it might harm that individual, and makes him or her bankrupt. These are the following reasons to get health insurance.

1. Accidents:

No one wants accidents to happen to them, but these are unforeseen things that do happen. There are various accidents which could happen to an individual such as working equipment accident, car accident, stairs accident, and others. All these accidents could lead to one form of disability which will make the person stay away from work for a long time. This period is when the health insurance plan comes into the scene to take care of the medical bills.

2. Pregnancy:

This is another reason to get health insurance because, at this point, the insured person (woman) needs proper health care from a specialized medical doctor. The pregnancy treatment falls into three stages, antenatal, natal, and postnatal. The insurer makes sure the insured person is well taken care of during her pregnancy period. This makes the insured person has adequate finance to fall back on.

3. Injury & Sickness:

These two are something to propel an individual to get health insurance coverage without hesitation. There are some chronic sicknesses or injuries which can make one stay away from work for a long time. Someone without any health insurance coverage will have to pay heavily for his medical bills, and this will affect the finance of that individual.

Places to get Health Insurance Coverage

The following places are where to get a health insurance plan:

  • Medicare
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Health insurance markets
  • Group health expenses
  • Health insurance discount cards

1. Medicare:

This kind of health insurance plan comes from the government and issued by the Social Security Administration. For one to qualify for this Medicare he or she must have reached 65 years and above. Someone with a chronic disease can also benefit from this. 

2. Worker’s Compensation:

This compensation program for workers serves as insurance coverage in a particular province. Therefore, any individual with any illness or work-related injury, the treatment is being done under this program that is being offered by the employer.

3. Health Insurance Markets:

A body known as the Affordable Care Act makes it easier for people with preexisting conditions to be treated. This is one of the benefits of health insurance gotten from health insurance markets.

4. Group health expenses:

This group health expense is different from the normal insurance plan. This is like a group of individuals coming together to contribute money to pay for their medical expenditures. It can be called a self-insurance firm because this group of people runs insurance expenses on their own.

5. Health Insurance Discount Cards:

Here, a monthly fee is being paid as a membership fee. This allows members to get quality health care at a discounted rate. This shouldn’t be seen as insurance coverage at all. Members having this health insurance discount cards will pay less anytime they go to the hospital, or for a medical check-up from a doctor.                            


Getting health insurance from a reliable insurer doesn’t come easy, because one has to check on the insurance policy of different insurance firms before buying anyone. The insurance rates and services provided by insurers are different from one another.                                         

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