Health Insurance Coverage for Women

Health Insurance Coverage for Women by the Numbers

Do you know Health insurance coverage for Women is important for them to have? It is a critical issue when it comes to women’s insurance. Women are not good when it comes to taking care of themselves when compared to men. In this sense, they are more nonchalant. Maybe, these are based on how they are wired psychologically. They need adequate health insurance to ensure they are physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally sound. One of the factors that have contributed to Women not creating time for health insurance is money.   

The body anatomy of Women requires proper care and attention. This happens especially when they are pregnant whereby, they have to undergo antenatal, natal, and postnatal care for their pregnancies. This makes it one of the essential reasons they have to obtain health insurance coverage. Different statistics in the United States have proven that Women who fall within the 18 to 44 years age bracket don’t have any health insurance coverage for themselves either private or public health insurance coverage. Some costs are available for Women who want health insurance coverage.

Over the last decades, Women have been able to make headway in different renowned sectors that were primarily dominated by their male counterparts. This health insurance has made them stable with their financial life creating the fund they need to support their dreams, in different sectors, but in this aspect of health insurance coverage, they don’t see the need to buy it. This could be based on one reason or the other. We are going to have a view of the major reasons behind this problem.

Reasons Women don’t Purchase Health Insurance Coverage

These are the following reasons:

1. Over independency:

Most Women depends on their spouse for their livelihood. Therefore, they find it difficult to buy health insurance since they depend on someone for their survival. Even if the idea of buying health insurance comes to their mind they won’t see the need.

2. Insufficient money: 

At the beginning of their career, they seem to lack money or fund to buy this health insurance coverage. In this process of waiting for the time they will be buoyant financially, they might become ill, and this makes them fail to purchase this insurance.

3. Nonchalant behavior:

Sometimes, they do feel they have more pressing needs that can be life challenging to buying health insurance. This has led to some of them be left out from health insurance policy that would have prepared and secure them for hard times.

Importance of Health Insurance Coverage for Women

The busy schedule of women has made them ignore having this health insurance because they have lots of things going through their minds such as family, works, house chores, reproductive issues, and others. The following is a list of advantages of this insurance for women, and here they are:

1. Body Physiology:

There is no way the body physiology of women can be compared to the male’s own. Especially, their reproductive system is prone to numerous infections, and other related health issues such as staphylococcus, Herpes candidiasis, Trichomonas vaginalis, and others. Therefore, this protects them from several infections.

2. Maternity Problems:

During this maternity period, women go through lots of things physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore, they need proper medications to sustain them all through the different phases of pregnancy. The health insurance will cover for all the maternity expenditure that will be incurred.

3. Accident Coverage:

Some emergencies can occur such as an accident that could lead to one form of disability or physical impediments such as broken bones, loss of sight, internal bleeding, and others. This insurance covers issues about this problem if they should occur.

4. Hospital Charges:

Critical illnesses or infirmities expenses can also be paid through health insurance. This is another benefit women can get when they purchase this insurance coverage. The awesome thing is they can be fully assured of all their expenditure during their period of illness.

Price of Women Health Insurance Coverage

The prices of health insurance coverage for women varies, and this depends either they are going to buy it by themselves or through the government. There are times employers can decide to buy a group insurance policy for his or her workers that will cover for them in case they have one illness or the other. This kind of health insurance coverage will come at a cheap rate compared to when they have to purchase it on their own. 

The price for this health insurance coverage depends on the company which is offering the insurance policy for women. It also depends on the type of insurance policy that has been agreed upon between the insurance policy provider and the insured person. This is what will act as a determining factor for the price of this health insurance coverage. The average cost a woman can pay as a premium for their health insurance is $440, and the price of this premium varies on different factors that are associated with the insurance policy.

Influence of the Affordable Care Act on Women Health Insurance

1. Charging of the Same Rate:

Some insurance companies do charge higher than others. Therefore, it will allow different insurance companies to charge the same rates that women can purchase to suit their needs.

2. Birth Control:

50% of the birth rates are unplanned in the US, and this implies they do occur accidentally without any initial plans or preparations. Affordable Act Care will manage this birth control using various contraceptives, which are offered for free.         

3. Breastfeeding Support & other Screening:

Different medical treatments will be done on women, who are going to enroll for this health insurance coverage for Women such as gestational diabetes, Pap smear, colon cancer, breast pump supplies, HIV, HPV test, and other numerous kinds of screening.

4. Affordable Insurance:

The high rate of health insurance has made women stayed away from obtaining health insurance. Even families can also benefit from this Affordable Care Act on health insurance coverage for women.


Women need to find the health insurance coverage that will fit their major aim and be quite beneficial to them. Since their body physiology requires rapt medical attention, they should find a way of making this insurance coverage something that should be considered as a necessity.  

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