Disability Truck Driver insurance

Disability Insurance for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers were not able to obtain disability insurance because of the high-risk occupation class rating. There are current disabilities insurance options for truck drivers, and can also be compared with people in the office. Being a truck driver is not a day job because this profession is an adventurous one.

Most truck drivers are at risk on the highway when conveying goods from one location to another. A lot of lives have been lost due to fatal accidents during their work. Another thing they pass through is stress, and this worn them out physically and mentally. Getting disability insurance as a truck driver will go a long way.

Some truck drivers don’t know the importance of having this insurance. This is the reason they need an insurance lawyer to educate them on this topic. At the back of their minds lies how to transport their goods and offload them to the required destination. They don’t have a second thought like – what if an accident, sickness, injury, and others make them disabled. This article will enlighten them on how to go about getting disability insurance for their occupation.

They suffer several situations that can make them disabled. A typical example of this is a back-related problem. Due to the time they spend conveying goods or passengers from one destination to another. A disability insurance attorney can help them to interpret the different disability insurance policy and the one that will suit their needs. Another thing disability insurance lawyer does is to help you get your disability insurance claim.

Disability law firms have helped many thousands of individuals in making sure they get their full benefits. Illiteracy has been one of the major barriers why some of these truck drivers feel relaxed about this disability insurance. Unfortunately, this disability insurance is so necessary for their occupation. For some of the drivers who are insured are now reaping the benefits from their disability insurance policy.

Disability Claim Denials for Truck Drivers

Being denied a disability claim as a truck driver, you are giving a minimum of six months (180 days) or less for you to file an appeal through the assistance of a disability insurance attorney. When you have a disability insurance attorney, they get the job done for you, because they understand the terms and conditions. An insurance firm barely denies their client disability claims, when this happens, some factors might have caused it:

  • Claims not supported by medical history. You are temporarily disabled.
  • A disabling mental situation.
  • Low policy coverage.

Effect of Hazards on truck drivers

1. Back pain:

In several cases or situations, back injuries happen to be the main problem these truck drivers go through. However, this can be controlled with ease when you have the right disability insurance for truck drivers. Some back pains can be so excruciating that they even affect your lower back, and make you disabled. Back pain injury makes them physically impaired from their work. Apart from this, it makes it difficult for them when driving.

A truck driver who has insured his work will be asked to undergo a ‘functional capacity evaluation’. The purpose is to carry out a physical test to evaluate the regular task you do in your job. This functional capacity evaluation is also useful for backing up your disability claim if an insurance company is denying you. On the other hand, an insurance company can also make use of the result to deny your premium benefits. When a problem like this arises, an insurance attorney should be your last resort.

2. Broken bones:

This occurs due to lifting heavy metallic objects such as chains, vehicle parts, cargoes, and wheels. Many drivers have been victims of broken bones, and these have affected their work. When a condition like this happens, they become disabled, indebted to co-workers, and lost their jobs. Nobody wants any bad thing to happen, but we must be ready for unwanted emergencies.

3. Death:

For instance, the driver collides with another moving vehicle, and that results in the death of the driver. This is why disability insurance is critical so that the truck driver’s family can still enjoy the premium benefits of their demise ones.

The function of Insurance Company for trucker’s disability claim

The responsibility of any disability insurers to access and make their claim payment depends on the federal law that can also be called the ‘Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)’. It has become a natural phenomenon that the insurance firm must do the following:

  • Accomplish a reasonable and meticulous survey before a claim is denied.
  • Avoid misquoting all the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage policy.
  • Make a prompt payment without any delay.
  • Make a fast payment without involving the insured to get an attorney to obtain benefits.
  • Interpret any uncertainty to favour the policyholder.

Different Disability Insurance for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, your occupation cannot be redefined simply by a mere title. We have various types of truck drivers, such as ordinary truck delivery, long haul drivers, and cross-country heavy load truck drivers. The primary factors that affect the price and benefits of disability insurance for various truck drivers are the following: type of truck and cargo.

Different types of truck

According to disability insurance firms, we have a massive difference in the kind of truck being driven on a daily basis. The fact remains the bigger the truck, the lesser favourability of disability insurance plans will be. A driver who runs on 18 wheels won’t have easier disability insurance plans.

Cargo Drivers

Some drivers transport large materials such as items, heavy car parts, and others; This also affects the kind of disability insurance policy they get. Therefore, it is advisable to secure your work and life in case there is a ghastly accident on your way to convey goods. The size of cargo is one of the factors to be considered when getting disability insurance.


If you want disability insurance options as a truck driver, you need to get an attorney that will help you get it from the right company for your needs within your price range. The purpose of this is to help you secure your job and enjoy your premium benefits.

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