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Dental Insurance Plans with No Waiting Period

Dental insurance plans always has a waiting period after the individual has bought the insurance coverage. This makes it different from health insurance, where the insured person starts reaping the benefits of his or her insurance coverage immediately. There’s always a delay that comes with purchasing dental insurance. This is a period between the enrolment and the recovering of some or all of the insurance services. The waiting period could be within six months, a year, or more than a year. 

The dental insurance is important due to how delicate the teeth are. Therefore, people visit the dentist to carry out routine checkups on their teeth. The surest way to have this dental insurance is to go after a well-structured insurance dental plan. This plan provides reliable coverage for the insured person. People do assume having a dental plan covers everything, but this thought is wrong. There’s no cause for one to go bankrupt all for the sake of purchasing a dental insurance plan.

What’s a Waiting Period?

This is a period in dental insurance coverage in which the insured person has to wait before they start getting some benefits from their insurance coverage. It comes in the form of an insurance cycle in which the plan expires; they can do with it, and buy a new one. The waiting period for this dental insurance coverage depends on the procedures that are involved in it.

Some insurance services carry a short waiting period, while advanced procedures come with a longer waiting period. This waiting period helps to reduce the cost of getting insurance for an insured person. This period makes things easier in the sense that the longer the waiting period, the lesser the monthly insurance premium the insured person has to pay.

Reasons for Waiting Period in Dental Insurance

The following reasons are for waiting period:

1. For Profitability Checkup:

There is no much profit in the insurance world that numerous people purchased. The insurance firm uses the waiting period to sort out some expenses that will come along as a result of providing dental insurance coverage for the insured person.

2. Demands Much People:

The number of people who go for this type of insurance plan is low when compared to other types of insurance. Other insurance plans can still make profits even when people are not using it. This implies people must be available for this dental insurance.

3. Teeth Require Attention:

There are people with different dental issues such as dental arrangements, gum, toothache, etc. They need a dentist who can give them rapt attention to make sure their dental problems are being resolved.

4. Relatively Low Dental Cost:

Dental insurance comes with a low monthly premium for the insured person. This can’t be compared to health insurance, where the insured person has to pay through his nose. Insurance companies associated with dental problems charge low rates for the average people to afford it.

Type of Dental Insurance Coverage

There are three types of dental insurance plans, and here they are:

  • Group plan
  • Preferred Provider Organization
  • Discount Dental Plan

1. Group Plan:

In this group, anyone who buys it doesn’t have to wait for any waiting period before they start getting some benefits from it. This plan is being commonly used by employers who buy it to secure dental insurance plans for their employees. 

2. Preferred Provider Organization:

There is also no waiting period in this preferred provider organization dental plan, due to the fact the insured person is inside the coverage of the insurer’s network. This plan comes with numerous coverages which come with different rates.

3. Discount Dental Plan:

This dental plan is not an insurance plan as one might see it. They are insurance firms who do carry out insurance negotiations at discount prices with the dentist who falls within an insurance network. There is a yearly fee for the insured person to pay at a reduced price.

Basic Components of Dental Insurance Plan

The following things are the basic components insurance plans should have:

  • A low deductible
  • Availability in different areas
  • Maximum insurance benefits

1. A Low Deductible:

This deductible is a fee that the insured person has to pay before their dental insurance will start covering for their dental issues. It is always advisable for an insured person to go in search of an insurance plan they can afford to pay the deductible.

2. Available in Different Areas:

Some dental insurance plans are restricted to certain states, and this can act as an impediment for someone who travels to another state to continue with his or her insurance plan. Therefore, individuals should carry out research on the insurance company he or she wants to use.

3. Maximum Insurance Benefits:

Every insurance company has their kind of benefits they provide for their clients. Some company does place the amount they are going to pay their clients for all their dental care needs. Therefore, a company without high benefits will be a good one to choose from.

Dental Insurance Plans without any Waiting Periods

The following are the numerous dental insurance plans for people to buy without the waiting period:

1. Humana:

If you need a dental insurance plan within a budget, this insurance provider can be considered. Most people make use of it because the price rate is affordable. When it comes to their preventive plan, the insured will need to pay only the sum of $18. No one has to wait for any waiting period, visiting the dentist commences from day one after registration.

2. Physician Mutuals:

Anyone who can’t pay for the deductible can make use of this insurance provider. A high deductible comes with an insurance plan that is too expensive for people to enroll in. They have different insurance coverage without any deductibles and waiting periods.

3. United Health Care:

This is the biggest insurance service provider that’s available in the U.S, and it comes with several dental insurance plans. Those with low income can get an insurance plan with a low fee such as $15 in a month. 


Getting a dental insurance plan comes with research in order to know which of the provider offer low deductibles with high maximum benefits. Another thing is to consider the one without a waiting period.                                      

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