Best Dental Insurance Providers

Best Dental Insurance Providers

Dental insurance is designed to take care of a portion of the expenses that comes with dental care.

Generally, Dental Insurance Providers cover some portion of the costs incurred by preventive care, fillings, crowns, root canals, and oral surgery like tooth extraction. They sometimes cover the structures that support and surround the teeth (orthodontics and periodontics) and dentures and bridges which are known as prosthodontics.

There are dental plans with no waiting period for preventive services. In case you are wondering what waiting periods are, the waiting period is the stipulated time that has to pass before your Insurance company will pay for dental treatment. These waiting periods are put in place to serve as checks for some clients who only purchase a plan when they have a pending dental issue and cancel as soon as the issue has been rectified. Basic treatments like annual checkups, x-rays, routine cleanings and other forms of preventive treatment do not have a waiting period. There are other plans which have a six month waiting period for fillings and basic types of oral surgery. Dental Insurance Plans like The HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus Plan provides instant coverage including oral surgery. There is no waiting period.

 Waiting periods most at times depends on the insurance company offering the said services. Insurance companies like Delta, Physician’s Mutual and Cigna have no waiting periods for diagnostics and preventive services while others like Denali Dental and Spirit Dental have no waiting periods for preventive care and major services which could include oral surgery.

Affordability is one of the reasons many people waive Dental Insurance aside, while others feel they are covered by their health insurance plans which may not always be the case. But the question you should ask yourself is, should this be the case? Most of those who act indifferent towards a dental insurance plan due to the acclaimed lack of financial strength conclude based on assumptions without proper research and findings. There are very affordable plans.

Averagely speaking, dental insurance plans for family coverage ranges from 27 dollars to 56 dollars per month. For individual coverage, costs range from 15 dollars to 50 dollars a month or about 360 dollars a year. You can also get coverage through employer-sponsored plans which costs between 14 dollars to 30 dollars per month or 168 dollars to 366 dollars per year. Better yet, most of these plans come with a maximum annual benefit. Please note that prices may vary according to states and the Insurance Companies involved.

To make your decision making process and shopping easier, I have put together a list of the best dental insurance providers to consider and I’ll try as much as possible to include the services they are rated best for.

List Of Best Dental Insurance Providers


Their dental care plans are rated overall best amongst other dental service providers. They have the best A (excellent) rating and a large network with over 140,000 participating dental offices. This is because they offer a variety of dental care plans, excellent value and non-rigidity of plans. Their services also offer significant savings compared to others. Delta’s basic plans cost 16 to 57 dollars per month. Though these plans require that payments be made in one installment.

Humana Dental Services

They are best known for the quality of service and care. Humana dental insurance is one of the largest US dental service providers that cover all 50 states with DHMO, PPO, and voucher plans. They have six plans available. Their services help minimize costs by ensuring 45 percent savings when using in-network dentists. Humana dental services also have one of the biggest networks of dentists which amasses to a total of 270,000. Another added advantage of Humana dental services is their voucher options means you do not necessarily have to be committed to full insurance if it is not within your capacity. Other features include App and online support and Nationwide coverage. It should be noted that there is an enrollment fee involved.

United Healthcare Dental Services

The United Healthcare dental insurance services are best known for preventive cover. Their coverage options are only PPO. They have four plans available with pricing starting from 20 dollars and 85 percent savings if you make use of an in-network dentist. They have over 85,000 in-network dental offices and their plans are devoid of age restrictions. United healthcare is also known as the Golden Rule Insurance Company. Online browsing of plans is also made available thereby enhancing the simplicity of their plans research.


Metlife insurance plans are best for family cover. They have great group options, Orthodontics included, their plans are excellent for retirees and they also have over 400 procedures covered. If you are looking for a plan that covers your entire family, then Metlife is the way to go. Although their DHMO and PPO options are limited to two plans, they come with lots of totally free preventive care. They have a network of about 90,000 dentists.

Ameritas Dental Insurance

Ameritas dental insurance made it to this list because of its reward program which is made available to policyholders that submit at least one dental claim each year with total benefits paid out below the maximum available. They are well known for the dental reward program they attach for all their plans.

With Ameritas dental insurance plans, you can visit any dentist (in-network or out of network). Though there will be additional savings when you visit an in-network dentist. Preventive services such as annual dental exam and cleaning are 100% covered. Better yet, you save on prescriptions with Ameritas dental plans which have over 60,000 participating network pharmacies.


Cigna dental insurance services boast of global coverage. They have a network of 70,000 dentists and they have three separate dental plan options. Cigna best suits people that travel a lot. With these plans being offered by Cigna, you don’t have to worry about dental care when you are away from home. Another benefit of choosing Cigna is that they have a preventive care option that has 100% coverage. Also, plans are discounted if you make use of an in-network dentist.

Guardian Direct

Guardian direct is best known for solid financial support and decent plan options.  Guardian direct made it to this list because of their good range plans, lots of in-network dentist and affordable pricing. They offer both individual and family coverage options and features like x-rays, cleaning, and regular exams are covered. They offer both PPO (where you can pay monthly and get a discount) and DHMO plans. Pricing starts from $16 to $60 for PPO. They have three payment plans available.

Spirit Dental Services

Spirit dental services are best known for their ‘no waiting period’ payment plans. Regardless of the plans, you opt for, there are no waiting periods and your payment plans kicks in immediately. Spirit Dental Plans offer coverage for individuals, families, and seniors. Furthermore, implants and major services are covered. Although it’s a little on the high side as pricing starts from about $400 per month.

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