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Ameritas Insurance Company

Ameritas insurance company was founded in 1887 under the name old-line bankers life insurance firm of Nebraska as a mutual insurance company. Owned and managed by Ameritas Mutual Holding Company with headquarter in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America. They have different insurance products that offer employee benefits and financial services. 

As of 1999, this insurance company merged with Acacia Mutual Holding Company. Ameritas was established in 1997 when Acacia’s life insurance of Washington, D.C. Changed from a mutual life firm to a stock firm wholly finance by a mutual insurance holding firm. The firm was established by the merger of Ameritas and Acacia and was later named Ameritas Acacia Mutual Holding Company. 

On the 1st of January, 2010, Ameritas Acacia Mutual Holding Company also merged with the Union Central Mutual Holding Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, USS, and later became the UNIFI firms. The latter ‘Union Central Life’ initially founded as a mutual life insurance firm in 1867, and it had established its mutual insurance holding firm in 2005. UNIFI modified its name to Ameritas Mutual Holding Company.

Ameritas Mutual Holding Company has nearly $83.2 billion of their life insurance plans in force and capital worth $2.5 billion. They have a debt to capital ratio of approximately 3.2%, which is considered low for the industry with an average of 13.0% with total assets of over $35.9%.

They have also produced an insurance plan of $2.1 billion. It offers coverage to its policyholders in over 50 states for public finance, life insurance, vision, and group dental insurance. Their investment services of Ameritas include bonds, stocks, college saving plans, and mutual funds.

Ameritas Financial Strength and Customer Service Ratings

Though Ameritas has a slogan on its website that evaluate their success by the number of people it has assisted, and the different promises it has kept. The firm also has a solid financial strength rating based on some of these leading insurance rating firms. 

Ameritas is listed as one of the top five service providers of vision and group dental insurance, which has assisted in producing desirable operating results also making the firm’s life insurance sales that have outgrown the industry averages. 

Ameritas is a well-known member of the Better Business Bureau, and they have an ‘A+’ rating. While the firm is under no rules or laws to have BBB accreditation, it is a good way for insurance customers to evaluate how a firm manages and handles inquiries from customers. Ameritas BBB profile launched in the year 1979. In total, there are only five complaints from customers with no customer reviews which show the level of satisfaction from their customers and how they respond to customer problems. 

The firm’s claims contact centre has gotten an excellence accolade for their Benchmark portal’s centre of excellence. Their contact centre has also been accredited due to the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC). URAC is a firm that is responsible for accrediting health policies and also a preferred provider organization (PPOs).

Ameritas Insurance and Financial Products

Ameritas offer these financial and insurance policies to its consumers such as variable life, universal life, whole life, and term life index universal life insurance, annuities and investments, disability income insurance. They also offer a policy for groups, businesses, and municipalities which includes: public finance, investment, life insurance and among others.

Ameritas Insurance Company has a service centre which always comforts its policyholders. Their insurance consumers can shop for any financial services. This insurance company has an excellent option to evaluate the best kind of value on any insurance policy. Through Ameritas services, consumers can also enrol in various forms of coverage, change coverage options or pay bills online. You can also print and fill in their forms online; this helps to save time when you go to the company for further inquiry. 

Employee benefits of Ameritas

This company knows how imperative it is for you to offer your workers with the best vision, dental and hearing plans. Ameritas has made it so easy for you to enjoy their premium benefits. Either you are working along with the human relation directors or other benefits administrators, or with producers or with brokers. They have centred on making this difficult world of benefits less stress and fulfilling.

About Security Life and Security Health of Ameritas

The security life of Ameritas specialized mainly in the ancillary premium benefits market, offering vision and dental insurance products to the employer and consumer groups. In a close relationship with the distribution network of general strategic partners, their security life centres on different kinds of people such as small, mid-size, group, business moguls, and among others. They even have business conjunction with over 50 states in America.

Ameritas Working Operations

Most of these Ameritas products are sold via Ameritas Life and other life insurance operations that we have available. Other units in which they operate are the Ameritas group and Ameritas retirement plans. Some part of this firm Ameritas investment and Summit investment partner provides asset management and investment advice.

Ameritas Holding Company

They take the work of offering affordable life insurance to their clients. The firm runs via Ameritas life insurance of NewYork, which offer annuity products and life insurance to an estimated population of 430,000 policyholders globally. Their investment can show off over $34 billion of assets under its management. Other firms that work with them is Calvert group.

Ameritas Geographic Reach

Branches of Ameritas has spread in different states in America such as Nebraska, Texas, San Antonio, New York City, Virginia, Maryland, Bethesda, Cincinnati, Lincoln, etc.  

Ameritas Sales and Marketing

This company aims in its marketing strategic efforts to reach both the middle and upper-income individuals across all sectors in America, using a different network such as advisors, general agents, independent brokers, and third-party administrators.


Ameritas offers a broad range of health and financial insurance policies and has substantial financial strength ratings. The firm has a free mobile app for Android and Apple to sort out preferred dental network providers.     

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